Our instructors have years of musical experience.  We master every instrument introduced to a class and craft a curriculum that is easy, fun, and educational for all students.

      SAMUEL GROVES Jazz Musician
    • Jonathan Cordle
        Jonathan Cordle Instructor

        By the time I left music school at Duquesne University, I had fallen into teaching guitar. My experience learning, writing, touring and performing was now informing my approach to showing others how to play the music they craved to hear. Now after a decade of teaching I love it more than ever. I’ve seen countless kids and adults go from amateurs to performing music they only used to dream of playing whether it’s on stage or around a campfire. The musical journey is one that I’ve dedicated my life to and it’s immensely gratifying to be on it with others!

      • Eric Brockschmidt
        Eric Brockschmidt Owner

        Eric eats sleeps and dreams guitars.  He has played guitar in every setting imaginable and still looks for more.  Piano, bass, drums and singing are aids to make him a better guitar player.  He only rests to make coffee.